Healthy Living Devotional

40 Days Fueled by Faith

Lester Roloff lived a life of faith that was fueled by God’s Word. Throughout his preaching, he challenged every believer to pursue health for the glory of God and the good of others. This 40-day devotional book provides an overview of the convictions and principles that fueled Brother Roloff’s ministry and shaped his legacy. His practical suggestions offer a window into his life of faith, and his contagious passion for ministry service continues to inspire pastors and laypeople alike.

“After thirty-five long years of sickness, two operations, treat­ments for ulcers, and many lost days and weeks, I finally came to a simple conviction—it is a sin for me to get sick if there is a way to stay well.” –Lester Roloff

“What is your purpose? What does the Lord want you to do? I believe these simple principles are reasonable, and I have seen them work. I had never known real health in my life until I started pursuing health as worship. It will take a wagon load of determination, but it won’t be complicated.” –Lester Roloff

“This old doctrine has been neglected so long that it sounds new to some people. It’s been deleted from Christian practice, but it’s all over the Bible! The center of attention in many churches is food, but fasting has been forgotten.” –Lester Roloff

“I’m trying to help you save your health so you can save souls! I’m trying to help you save money and give to missions and live to God! That’s the purpose of it. I’m not on some byway—I’m on the highway! It costs a lot less to stay well than to get well after you’ve been sick.” –Lester Roloff

Healthy Living Devotional

Healthy Living – 40 Days Fueled by Faith

Daily devotions from the kitchen of Lester Roloff.

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