I would be as empty as a barrel with both ends knocked out if I couldn’t preach!”
-Lester Roloff

This page contains all the sermons that we currently offer on CD. These messages are categorized by topic. When you find the message you want, please take note of the number and sermon title when sending your request.

(1409-114) Bitten By The Snake (Nicodemus John 3)
(2564-94) Curing Heart Trouble (Jer. 17:9)
(386-99) Do You Know You Are Saved? (Zacchaeus I Jn. 5:13)
(2504-76) Finding Life In The Blood
(1804-79) God’s Way To Cleanse Your Soul (Is. 58:1-11)
(2527-81) How Good Is Man’s Best?
(2575-95) Revelations And The Gospel (Rev. 14:6-7)
(2433-37) Salvation (Mt. 27)
(1756-35) Salvation Psalm
(2405-35) Some Truths from Hebrews (Hebrews 10:1-18)
(3381-9) The Cross (Mt. 27)
(1592-12) The Forgotten Doctrine
(1071-26) The Greatest Gift That Brings The Greatest Gift
(403-74) The Wages of Sin (Rom. 6)
(2477-73) The Way To Grace
(2966-72) This Is The Blood
(1140-73) Why It Is Necessary to be Saved (Eph. 2:1-12)
(3240-109) You Can Be Saved (Hebrews 12)

(486-45) Eternal Security
(2622-98) How Can You Know?
(362-77) Security of the Believer
(2447-68) Who Does the Keeping?

(3235-46) A Bible Revival (Psalm 119:9-11)
(370-66) Bible “Toters” & Bible “Quoters”
(172-19) Great Chapters of the Bible (Rom. 12, Heb. 12)
(1768-7) How Much of the Bible? (Hebrews 10)
(2259-67) The Blessed Book
(392-104) The Importance Of The Bible (Ps. 119:89)
(409-14) The Wisdom of the Word (Psalm 119)
(914-2) Why I love The Bible (II Kings 23:3)
(307-61) Why Memorize the Bible?

(2558-92) Behold Your King!
(2538-87) Greatest Miracle Ever Performed (Jn. 1:1-18)
(3150-91) In His Humiliation
(1749-44) Is Christ Divine? (John 9)
(2521-76) Jesus Is Not Dead!
(462-104) Just Christ (Colossians 2:1-6)
(1682-15) Our High Priest (Hebrews 11)
(2588-97) Revealing Christ In John’s Gospel
(398-114) The Coming Of Our Lord
(1423-5) The Finger Of God (Luke 11:19-23)
(2295-41) The Lord Is My Light & My Salvation
(2448-72) This Same Jesus

(2417-38) A Cloudless Sky Makes A Desert (Isaiah 44:22)
(3054-110) A Lack of Wisdom
(2512-71) Appointments (Heb. 9:27)
(2337-28) A Warning To Young Men
(2480-65) Carried Away People
(2427-50) Christian Rock
(2532-88) Don’t Be A Sissy! (I Thess. 5:1-22)
(2610-80) First John
(1969-27) Fit For Battle (II Tim. 2:1-10)
(2503-81) Freedom
(1318-3) God’s Biggest Umbrella (Romans 8:28)
(2238-55) Go To The Sea
(2657-1) How to Keep From Stumbling
(2566-93) I Have Been Restless
(2419-40) James 1
(2600-105) Life’s Greatest Discovery
(3006-17) My Father’s House (John 14)
(2069-88) Peace On Earth
(166-120) Psalm 119
(2225-79) Putting First Things First
(939-109) Rest And The Restless
(30-90) Seven Things About This Season (Christmas)
(2517-85) Sing Praises To The Lord!
(2589-93) Teaching From First Corinthians
(2440-39) To Them That Love His Appearing
(2683-102) The Action is in the Bible—Building the Church
(753-70) The Church That Jesus Built (Ephesians 5:26)
(2518-86) The Greatest Enemy Of God Is Religion
(1235-44) The Greatest Joy (Soul-winning)
(2688-106) The Little Word “Know”
(918-22) The Old Time Religion
(381-108) The Perpendicular Way
(2432-117) The Remedy For Unrest
(13-113) The Seven B’s (Honey Bee Christians)
(3293-113) Greater Works
(1720-43) The Test of a Christian’s Character (Ex.14:10)
(2434-51) The Trip Everyone Needs To Take
(405-119) Walk in His Ways
(2498-66) Walking With God
(401-90) While He Thought

(2625-58) Picking from the Smorgasbord of Romans 8
(1604-34) Romans 8:28
(2499-64) Two Questions From Romans
(94-115) Wisdom from Romans 12

(301-27) Dr. Law and Dr. Grace
(1357-111) The Relationship Between Law and Grace

(2416-57) A Life Of Faith (Hebrews 11)
(393-60) By Faith (Heb. 11:10-12)
(302-24) Faith
(2536-103) Faith & Love
(395-78) Living By Faith
(1675-62) Saved by Faith (Hebrews 12:1-2)
(2593-80) Still Living by Faith

(1218-103) Greater Love
(2408-101) Law of Kindness
(2486-50) Love Of God For The Backslider
(2430-100) Real Love
(2678-98) The Greatest Thing (I Peter 4:8)

(1532-6) Pray without Ceasing (I Thess. 5:17)
(494-75) Prayer

(2207-32) Running Short of Preachers
(1391-52) What Preachers Should Be (I Cor. 1:18-31)

(3406-23) A World Decaying Because Of Man
(2591-95) Born In Depravity
(2242-22) Separation From The World (II Cor. 6:14-18)
(2415-56) Sin No More (Isaiah 55)
(2422) Sowing In The Flesh
(1649-15) The Beginning Of Sin (Genesis 3)
(964-13) The Greatest Crime
(1575-63) The Wicked shall be turned in to Hell (Mt. 18:8-20)
(2485-53) Two Works Of The Devil
(2541-82) What’s On Your Menu, Lord, For Me?

(1660-20) Father’s Day Message (Prov. 22:6)
(2327-11) Have You Lost Out In Your Home?
(529-29) Marriage and the Home (Hebrews 13:1-5)
(304-40) Stirring up your Nest

(2779-25) Are These the Days of Noah?
(400-30) Hills that Help (L. Roloff’s last recorded message)
(398-114) The Coming of Our Lord
(1560-36) Why the upsurge in Satan Worship? (Lev. 20:6-9)

(381-84) A Man After God’s Own Heart (David)
(469-92) A New Year’s Message (Melchizedek)
(2523-85) Asking for the Right Spirit (Elijah II Kings 2:1-22)
(367-48) Back to Bethel (Jacob)
(2410-117) Deliverance (Jael, Sisera, Abimelech—Judges)
(2402-32) From a Mighty Man to a Midget (Samson)
(647-116) God Remembered (Noah, Abraham, Joseph)
(1395-12) God’s Little Biscuit (Gideon Judges 6)
(2528-83) He Who Hears Our Cry (Moses Exodus 3)
(384-10) Job 39
(3451-2) Man Is A Failure Apart From God (Noah Gen. 6)
(356-21) Pawing in the Valley (Job, David, Saul, etc.)
(2325-116) She Is Not Dead (Ruler’s daughter Mt. 9)
(1432-8) The Curse of Cain (Genesis 3)
(328-69) The First Woman that Lost Her Head (Eve)
(303-4) The Mule Walked On (Absalom)
(2414-47) The Word According (David & Goliath Titus 3:5)
(396-16) The Virgin Mary (Luke 1:34)
(1059-37) What is your Purpose? (Daniel)

(1739-16) Are you Ashamed of your Brand? (Gal. 6:14-18)
(2121-38) Are You Having a Water Shortage? (John 4)
(385-33) Does God Get Mad?
(2456-49) Do You Ever Get Rebuked?
(2617-96) Then What?
(2680-118) What Are You Doing?
(2451-18) What Are You Going To Do?
(383-20) What Are Your Ways? (Proverbs 3)
(517-105) What Is Wrong With Fear? (Nehemiah 6:7-16)
(784-118) What Is Wrong With Television? (I John 2:15)
(1783-121) What’s Wrong With The People? (Rom. 5:12)
(417-112) Where Are The Miracles? (Judges 6:11-13)
(2453-58) Where Has The Joy Gone?
(3315-54) Who’s going to be ready for the final Storm?

(377-5) If I Were To Live My Life Over Again
(361-107) Living Dangerously (Isaiah 40:28-31)

(384-9) Death In The Pot
(2252-6) Eat Well For The Glory of God
(969-59) Heaven’s Menu
(1261-31) What Happened to Divine Healing? (Ex.15:25-26)

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