“Singing was a big part of Brother Roloff ’s life. Some people loved it, and some people couldn’t stand it! But he loved to sing, and he had to sing! He always seemed to have a theme song. When he went to Bible college, he adopted the song “Keep in Touch with Jesus.” When he started the Family Altar Program, his two theme songs for the broadcast were “Then Jesus Came” and “The Stranger by the Sea.” After he started the homes and the church, he heard the song “Living by Faith.” He adopted it as the theme song for all of his ministries. Ever since I’ve known him, the one song that, every time I hear it, I think of Brother Roloff is “God Leads Us Along.” I’ve seen him go through many sorrows and many joys, and this was his song each time.” Ida Cavitt

Family Altar Music CDs

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(129) Living By Faith
(Brother Roloff & congregational singing)

(828) The Fourth Man In The Fire
(Brother Roloff & King’s Four Quartet)

(2019) Keep In Touch With Jesus
(Favorites of Brother Roloff)

(2050) Singing From The Heart
(Brother Roloff Singing)


(126) I Love That Old Time Religion
(Rainbow & Sunshine Quartets)

(127) Home Of The Soul
(Rebekah Choir)

(128) Jubilee
(Jubilee Ensemble)

(812) More Than Conquerors
(Master’s Miracle Men)

(831) Winds of Trial
(Honey Bee Quartet)

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