Copyright Policy and Terms of Use

The following stipulations govern the content of or questions of usage, copyright, and permissions:

Audio and Video

Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises maintains the official repository of all of Lester Roloff’s sermon material. We want to maximize your enjoyment of these messages while also maintaining quality control. Please partner together with us by observing the following guidelines:

– You may download and indefinitely keep any sermon or music audio for personal use. You may not edit or rebroadcast them under any circumstances.

– You may link to messages at the Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises website, but you may not post them on your own website.

– You may duplicate audio messages on CD without prior permission, as long as you follow the restrictions outlined below.

1. You may duplicate and distribute only full-length versions of the messages.
2. You may not edit the content in any way.
3. You may not charge for the material (even to recoup your costs).
4. If you copy material to a CD, follow these guidelines for the label:

1. Include the title of the message
2. “Copyright [fill in the current year] by Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises. Used by permission.”
3. “”
4. You may not include personal or organizational contact information on any CD’s.

– The re branding of Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises materials is prohibited. No logo, graphic embellishment, word or words, audio recording, or video recording may be added to any Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises audio resource or video resource.


You are welcome to use and download the PDF resources available on our website for your own personal use. You may not edit the content in any way.

Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises reserves all copyright protections under applicable law. We reserve the right to revoke or modify these permissions at any time.

If you have any further questions or desire a clarification, please visit our contact page and submit a request. Thank you for your cooperation.