Advancing the Gospel on America’s First Mission Field.

Scott & Kathy Murphy

The Native mission field has been described as “the burned-over harvest.” For nearly five hundred years, American Indians have been exposed to various forms of religion operating in the name of Christianity, but today less than ten percent of America’s indigenous people express a faith in the God of the Bible. Many seeking truth remain in bondage to life-dominating sins. Several factors contribute to the difficulty of spreading the Gospel including tribal and clan diversity, non-English-speaking tribal members, remote geographical locations, and illiteracy.

Deepening relationships of trust and building partnerships in ministry with Native believers have furthered the Gospel among indigenous people of many tribes. The voices of Native believers are reaching their people throughout the United States and Canada with their testimonies of salvation which we have recorded on DVD. Their witness has opened doors to present the Gospel in places where access is otherwise limited. There remain at least 200 Native people groups in the U.S. and Canada yet unreached with the Gospel. We are providing the DVDs to Native believers and missionaries to distribute free of charge, and the response has been tremendous.

The need of the American Indian mission field is great. The United States has 564 federally recognized Native American Tribes and 326 reservations. The American Indian community has the highest birthrate in the nation. About 50% of the native population is under 18 years of age. American Indian children are growing up in reservation communities where death from alcohol is six times the national average. The rate of suicide is ten times higher. They are twice as likely to be murdered. As a missionary team at Regeneration Reservation, we count it a tremendous privilege to be laborers in the Native harvest field. Please pray for the mission field of the American Indian.

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17

Click on the links below to watch the testimonies of Native believers sharing their hope in Jesus Christ.

Native VoicesWe are partnering with these Native Americans to reach new reservation communities as well as reserves throughout Canada with the “Native Voices” DVD. This effective tool of evangelism is reaching America’s “first mission field” because of the support of God’s people.

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