Lester Roloff helped many people spiritually through his preaching, but also physically with common-sense principles for healthy living. To help build individuals physically, he used fresh vegetable juice as well as a largely plant-based diet that included moderate amounts of animal foods. He recognized the body’s need for a balanced diet, and he encouraged people to eat some animal foods like eggs and cottage cheese in moderate amounts. In his booklet, “Food Fasting and Faith”, he writes: “For meat, eat fish, fowl, wild game, avocado, egg yolks, nuts, cheese, and cottage cheese, sunflower seed, and a minimum of other meats. Drink a lot of juices, always unsweetened, forty-five minutes to an hour before the meal, or a couple of hours after the meal.”



For additional information, please click here to read the booklet Food, Fasting and Faith (by Lester Roloff).